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Fabrizio Banfi

PERSONAL DATA:                          

Born and raised in Milano, Italy, Master Degree in Architecture, Politecnico di Milano. Research fellow at ABC Department/GIcarus Lab since 2013 as an expert in Building Information Model (BIM), Reverse Engineering applied in Building, Cultural Heritage, Restoration and Infrastructure. In these years he had the opportunity to generate various H-BIMs and VR projects for ABC Department such as Basilica of Collemaggio in Aquila, Masegra Castle in Sondrio and Azzone Visconti bridge in Lecco.

In 2015 has the opportunity to implement his research thanks to the PhD Scholarships in ‘Inclusive Building Information Modelling for Design and Asset Management’. In 2016 he won a PhD internship at the Carleton Immersive Media Studio (CIMS) Lab at Carleton University, Ottawa Ontario (Canada) in affiliation with the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism. This internship is a component of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) funded New Paradigm / New Tools for Architectural Heritage in Canada training program, of which the Politecnico di Milano is a partner. NP/NT and the CIMS Lab supports his research in the development and implementation of Advanced Modelling Technique (AMT) for built heritage, applied at the largest BIM in the world: the parametric models of the west and centre blocks, Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada. The digital models are constructed with metric data captured from terrestrial laser scanning and photogrammetry. It will be adopted by the prime consultants (architects and engineers) as the basis for design studies, project management, and integrated project delivery. During the period he has been exposed to different projects of the research centre, becoming an agent for the mobilisation of new knowledge and new modes of interdisciplinary collaboration that will benefit academia and the architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) community as a whole.

In the same year has had the opportunity to work in Autodesk Research Toronto, following his research on the ‘Advanced Generative Techniques applied to Building Information Modelling Project’. This Fellowship Agreement is by and among Autodesk Canada Co. and Carleton University.

Since the academic year 2013, he was tutor of the courses: ‘Laboratory of Architectural Design – Urban and Environmental Survey’, ‘Architectural Preservation Studio’, ‘Laboratory of Architectural Restoration’, ‘Preventive Programmed Conservation for the enhancement of cultural heritage’ and ‘Surveying and 3D Modelling for Cultural Heritage’ at the Politecnico di Milano.

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October, 2016 : PhD in Inclusive BIM for process governance, simulation and best practices in complex contents from survey data collections – BIM Architecture, multiscale LoD-based modeling and multiuser interoperability

December, 2011: Master degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering LM-4

July, 2008: Bachelor degree in Architectural Sciences 


Building Information Modeling (BIM):

BIM for Building, Cultural Heritage, Restoration and Infrastructure

Innovative interoperability BIM methodologies for process governance and management of big data

Generation of BIM models from point clouds: modeling BIM from laser data and photogrammetric using object-oriented parameterization of NURBS curves and surfaces

Reverse Engineering applies in Building, Cultural Heritage, Restoration and Infrastructure for Responsive architecture combining structural analysis, stratigraphic units and information related to the Object modelling

BIM conversion to Finite element analysis, Energy analysis, Augmented-Virtual Reality and Civil Projects

Object Recognition‐Reconstruction (ORR) for  Architectural complex and elements: generation of models through NURBS/meshing techniques of BIM models characterized by different levels of detail (LOD)

Smart surface for Databases Technology and Object Oriented

Computer Graphics and 3D Modeling

Geometric assessment , 2D restitution and representation

3D/4D Architecture, multiscale LoD-based modeling, multiuser interoperability

Virtualization and Innovative interaction systems mixed/augmented reality

Virtual Reconstruction Issues  and Use of interactive 3D Texturing models

Visual simulation of materials and thematic mapping

Digital Post-Production, Video Editing /Econding and 3D Printing

Digitization and data Acquisition

Photogrammetry & image-based modeling

3D scanning Representation and digitization of data acquisition


Since the academic year 2013 he was tutor of the courses:

‘Laboratory of Architectural Design – Urban and Environmental Survey’

‘Architectural Preservation Studio’

‘Laboratory of Architectural Restoration’

‘Preventive Programmed Conservation for the enhancement of cultural heritage’


‘Surveying and 3D Modeling for Cultural Heritage’

GIcarus Surveying and Modelling – Via Ponzio,31 20133 – Milan, Italy

Tel.+39 02 2399 5613